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I don’t really know how to characterize Blackbird Blackbird’s music—it ranges from dark remixes (that are somewhat hard to listen to) all the way to what is listed as “Dream Pop”. I’d list Bondax and Tame Impala as somewhat similar artists. It’s good to hear this kind of music coming from San Francisco/the West Coast after hearing so much electronic music out of Britain, New York, and Canada. Check out the tracks before and many more available for download on his SoundCloud page.


I’ve been on the Elite Gymnastics team for a long time now. If you, like me know How To Dress Well, then you should definitely check out this remix. It’s not radically different from the original, but EG does a good job of filling space in the sparse original record. The breakdown at the end is particularly good. This is the prettiest thing EG has put out in a while. If only EG had also remixed “Running Back”, which is the best song on How To Dress Well’s album Total Loss. By the way, the Doss remix of “& It Was U” might be better than the EG one. Either way, Acephale Records wins.


It has been a slow few days. Kilo Kish has saved me. The Brooklyn artist has linked up with the Flatbush Zombies for this gritty and psychedelic tune. Her upcoming mixtape will include appearances that, until now, only dreams were made of: Earl Sweatshirt, SBTRKT, the Internet, Star Slinger, A$AP Ferg, and Vince Staples. 



AlunaGeorge can produce quality remixes along with quality original songs—this is fairly uncommon, and it makes me really look forward to the rest of 2013. Electronic music artists just seem to be passing around beats these days (that being said, the original version of “Back to Back” has a pretty organic, non-electronic feel). Let’s enjoy.

P.S. Go look at Wolf Gang’s Soundcloud. British dance-rock is alive.

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