Joey Bada$$ x Chance the Rapper









For the members of society who refuse to get over the “Golden Age” of hip-hop, Joey Bada$$’ latest offering will bring warmth to your weird little hearts. Joey teams with Chicago’s adolescent answer to Kendrick Lamar, Chance the Rapper, to bring you an exhausted yet unapologetic ode to women in “Wendy N Becky.”

Thelonius Martin, a New Jersey beat craftsman, is behind the beat and he does a really nice job of incorporating repetitive snares and a simple sax loop to create a nostalgia inducing boom-bap  beat that “true hip-hop” fans will really enjoy. The song has an adequate amount of space for the two youngsters to work with, and moves at a steady enough pace that they both are able to take it and use it to their advantage. Joey spits at his usual unhurried pace, impressively flexing his rhyme muscles throughout. My favorite part of his verse is at about the one-minute mark when Joey’s voice turns gravelly in what I can only assume is an artistic response to the Kendrick croak. Either way, it works really well and I can’t wait to see more rappers answer to the croaky voice as more people try to imitate the Compton Luminary. Chance the Rapper also brings his A game and sounds right at home over this kind of beat, proving he can hold is own against a prominent member of the youth rap movement.

I think the other thing worth noting in an otherwise simple anthem to slutty women is the resurgence of the boom bap within the younger generation of rappers. Chance the Rapper is 18 years old and has been making quite an internet presence for himself rapping over beats such as this, Joey Bada$$’ mixtape aptly titled 1999 is the internet’s answer to the “Golden Age,” and the creator of the beat, Thelonius Martin, who is 18 years young as well, has created a reputation off of emulating the likes of Pete Rock and J Dilla. These artist are young, and considered up-and-coming, so all of you weird little music purists who suggest the “Golden Age” is long gone may need to reconsider. Boom-Bap and “Golden Age” hip-hop lives on within the souls of these three rising artists.


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