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New joint from Glasgow’s Numbers crew-member, Rustie. This one has a massively deep, spacey, yet hard-hitting and quintessentially Rustie. This track blends airy bass-music and the relatively hyped sound-of-the-moment that is trap music. Please enjoy responsibly and plug this in to a real sound system or a nice pair of headphones!


Cashmere Cat took the stage at the Lucky Me party in a warehouse at 7th and Red River in Austin Texas after sets by Just Blaze and Baauer. He played most of the music he released, which, while a bit less intense than that of the other artists, still got the crowd going past three. Everybody seemed a bit confused after listening to harder-hitting trap and hip hop, but people got into it after the smoke machine started going.




Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All is back. And by back, I don’t mean Domo Genesis is putting out another really awesome, but highly underrated mixtape with Alchemist, and I don’t mean the funk, lesbian led duo of Sid the Kid and Matt Martins are putting out more music or touring the country either. I am talking back in the sense that the only two reasons that they were ever typed about on computers anywhere are finally back together, churning out hits on their 2010 shit.

Yes, the elusive Earl Sweatshirt and the Creator behind it all, Tyler, are back and we finally get to here the first taste of what that exactly means. One could also assume that with the premiering of this latest video we also get to see whether or not the internet will care about Odd Future again. The world of music on the interweb moves faster and is more unforgiving than the females I occasionally hit on during desperate Thursday nights, so on the day after the internet gets yet another taste of what Earl Sweatshirt’s latest album is supposed to offer, one has to ask whether or not they still got it.

The Internet moves quickly. There is no denying that. In 4 months, I dare you to make anyone care about Trinidad Jame$ again. It’s just how the system works and with artist popping up like zits on a middle schoolers face, it doesn’t seem to show any signs of slowing down. The bigger question these days is how to stay relevant in an unrelenting, unsatisfied music industry that is constantly yearning for information and free mp3s. That is the biggest question I had for Odd Future in 2013. How do they maintain relevancy? How do they make us care about EarlWolf and Killing Them All again? You remember 2010. You remember Jimmy Fallon. You remember South by Southwest, and the Fader Fort. Odd Future was one of the earliest and loudest examples of what the internet was capable of doing. Fast forward three years, and I felt some of the same giddiness clicking on the latest offering from the Odd Future camp that I felt when I first saw the video for “Earl.” Earl is still an enigma and although we had heard some guest verses and seen a video, we still were unable to grasp who he was or what exactly he had been up to.

After watching “Chum,” the thirst for knowledge grew, but most people were unable to get more and thats exactly why the buzz around this young MC is so large. He has been messing with what the internet does best. It provides you with more. It fills every nook and cranny of your interest with information of what these artists are like until you become satisfied; feeling as if you had somehow completed knowing them and had a good enough understanding of who they were to continue on to the next artist that The Fader reported on. That’s why we love and forget artists at such an unrelenting rate. We are now music consumers than anything else; being spoon fed whatever our favorite blog decides has next. But this exact ploy, this desire to acquire knowledge to fill a gap of information, is what has kept Odd Future, and at least Earl, in the back of the internet’s mind for so long. Tyler has been here. Tyler has a Twitter, a Vine account, and an Instagram. You know what Tyler the Creator has been doing in his spare time and although its not completely revealed, you have a good enough understanding of him to be okay with his latest video only having 2 million views versus Yonker’s 56 million.

In a recent interview for the new issue of Mass Appeal, Earl spoke on being a mystery. Mystery is the fuckin’ best when it comes to music, though. Like I wish Fly Lo had stayed Captain Murphy forever. Like [if] you’d never seen DOOM’s face. Like you never truly [knew] what happened with Eminem and his childhood and shit. Andre 3000 has done like 12 verses since 2002 and is like the best. So being mysterious, if used correctly, can work in your favor.” Across the years mystery has worked to bolster careers to upper echelon levels and luckily for Earl, he has the talent to continue backing it up, but I cant help but feel at least a little sad knowing that as more music is released, the mystery will soon fade. We will get our fill of Young Sweatshirt, and our questions will be answered, our voids in knowledge filled.

But back to the actual music. After watching the video a few times, and digesting all of what was going on, I think I can make the astute assumption that the internet is going to be Odd Future crazy for at least one more spring. The video, which is directed by “Wolf Hayley”  is cool, and features two things that I thought worth mentioning. Tyler spends most of the video with a huge girn on his face,  the type of grin that one makes when he knows his team is about to be put back on the top due to the skills of his best friend. Also, notice how Earl spends a lot of  the video on his back, laying on an inflatable pool toy while rapping. This is how I imagine Earl spends most of his day. The beat is of the same genre that Tyler is known for producing: the repetitive drum pattern, the dark synth, the comical sampling of “Whoa,” and Tyler even spells out G-O-L-F-Dub-A-N-G over the melodic plucking of piano keys. It’s Odd Future at it’s most fundamental, but it sounds more polished than ever before. And once Earl steps in, well, I think his rapping will speak for itself. It is the reason we were amazed and shocked when we first heard Earl so many moons ago and although he’s not talking rape, lines like “Pen? Naw, probably written with some used syringes, from out the rubbish bin at your local loony clinic” will still make you pause. For now, the Eye of Isengard, or uh, Internet, Isenternet? Is back on the collective that figuratively Kills Them All once again, and quite frankly I couldn’t be more excited to see what happens. Purchase “Whoa” here.

French producer Andrea covers Brian Eno’s “By This River”, getting vocals from Julia Losfelt. Andrea uses the same piano riff, which is arguably the most important/alluring element of the track, but he adds some deep bass for modern ears. I heard about Andrea when a friend of mine sent me his AlunaGeorge “Attracting Flies” remix, which is also nice. Listen to the two versions of “By This River” below.

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