Chester Watson – Phantom


A hungry teenage rapper has emerged on the Internet, rapping years above his age, and drawing his influences from artists who are not named Drake or 2 Chainz, but MF Doom. His subject matter is alarming, and he speaks unabashedly about being unable to hear Jesus “cause the weed loud as Mack trucks,” and about bagging a “fine chick” with “bad tats and an accent.” This content matter is most alarming when coupled with the repetitive boom bap of a beat that sounds like it came from the Golden age of hip-hop and not 2013. You add in the creepy visuals that display snippets of an old movie in a flaxen hue and we have ourselves a bonafied Internet miscreant. To make matters worse, this 15-year-old rapper isn’t alone. He runs with an 11-man crew of producers, mixers, rappers, and filmmakers who started off as a bunch of skaters but are now taking this rap shit seriously.

If this was an excerpt from a 2010 Concerned Mothers blog post, the rest of this article would be dedicated to the collective of rappers who Kills Them All. But this is 2013, and we live in a post-Odd Future world where the reality of artists being able to build and create careers off of the mystery of Tumblr and 2 minute long YouTube clips is a reality. And normally, these sorts of things don’t cause for that much attention to be drawn to them. The resemblance to the LA collective previously mentioned is quite obvious, and the comparisons to be made are just and warranted, and do nothing but diminish the quality of what they’re doing, but Chester Watson and his Nu Age Syndicate actually may be onto something great here.

Chester Watson, the 15 year old rapper who this post is dedicated to, is from St. Louis, and has released three mixtapes so far in his young career. Chester, according to Odd Future Talk has been a member of OFT Forums since 2012 so the influence makes perfect sense, but while he isn’t going to be the next rapper to wear a Sweatshirt, he does bring his own charisma and charm to his music the likes of which are not seen in large quantities today. Also he can rap his ass off. So this is actually something that is worth checking out.

His most recent tape, Phantom, combines an “old school vibe” with “story telling” and a “stoner vibe,” according to the DatPiff description, and it works really well. The beat selection is on point, and features production from Onra, Chuck Inglish, and MF DOOM, as well as others. Checkout the tape here, and watch the cool, retroish video for the lead track and mixtape highlight, “Phantom,” below. Chester and the Nu Age Syndicate are going to be something worth watching in 2013.


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