Little Mix – How Ya Doin’? ft. Missy Elliott [**A TWO HUNDRED AND TEN RESPONSE TO 4/20 STONER RAP**]


Hey, how ya doin? It is almost summer 2013! School’s horrible clutch on your life is about to be relinquished and you can finally get the much-needed break you so rightfully have earned over the last 9 months. Imagine a time when you’re finally rid of the dreaded classroom setting and enjoying the freedom and relaxation of summer. Summers that are going to be spent outside, frying in the heat of an Earth that is becoming more unbearable by the day thanks to our good ol’ pal Global Warming, and basking in the freedom of nothingness as you stare blankly at the walls of your bedroom for way too long and start freaking yourself out. Summers that are going to be spent angrily reloading Xbox Live on Halo 4 for the umpteenth time and chasing tail at the local soda parlor. Sounds awesome right? It definitely will be! But for the majority of students, the journey to the academic finish line comes with one final gut check: final examinations. As we approach the final weeks before stress and studying reaches an all time boiling point, I invite you to indulge in a little slice of summer vacation come early in the form of “How Ya Doin?” by UK pop group, Little Mix.

Little Mix is a British four-piece girl pop group that was formed in 2011 exclusively for the eighth series of The X factor. They became the first group to win in the program’s eight-year history and followed the success by signing to United States record company Columbia Records. They have been dubbed the NEXT Spice Girls by the Pop Gods, which is high praise for any recording artist, given the Spice Girls reign of success (terror) on the global record scale, but it is praise rightfully earned as they have garnered quite a presence in the UK pop scene.

The song I am sharing today, “How Ya Doin?” is a solid representation of what this group has to offer. It features a classic 90’s R&B feel that combines airy synths, a subtle baseline, and a repetitive drum pattern into what can only be referred to as a joyous occasion for a whole three minutes and 34 seconds. There is something to be said about self-righteous girl power pop and chorus singing in unison that I don’t think any man can resist bobbing their head to. Add in a feature from Missy “Misdemeanor” Elliot and you find yourself in the midst of one of the most fun pop songs made in any country.

On a day when most blogs are reposting the same Kid Cudi stoner track while rolling up blunt after blunt after blunt after blunt, we, here at TwoHundredAndTen, are proud to be bringing you the reincarnated Spice Girls with the accompanying colorful video and angry YouTube comment section. Music is meant to make you happy, and this song, while maybe getting mad plays from elementary to teenage girls, will induce an eternal happiness that is sure to trump any high that will be brought to you by an infinitesimal green plant. Take heed and say no to drugs! (Just kidding)


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