Hudson Mohawke and the Pain of Discovering You’re Late to the Party

hudson-mohawke-butterSo, it turns out that the Hudson Mohawke song called “FUSE” that I currently have on heavy rotation (i.e. play loudly every time I return to my room) is not, in fact, anything new. I downloaded it last week, but HudMo released it in 2009, back when I was listening to things like Weezy’s “Ice Cream Paint Job”, Phoenix’s Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, and, you know, a lot of things that were not Hudson Mohawke’s Butter. Really, HudMo did a Fader mix before I knew what Fader mixes are.

We can argue over whether my taste was more sophisticated then or now—in my opinion, it’s more sophisticated now, but that may just be because I’d like to think that I’ve progressed since I was 16. Anyway, the point is that, with regard to Hudson Mohawke, I definitely arrived very late to the party. In my defense, Hudson Mohawke has only recently risen to real prominence in the last couple of years, as he produced some songs on Cruel Summer and formed TNGHT with Lunice. Still, as someone who follows music, I should have downloaded some of his music before 2012, which is really when I figured out who he is. I should mention that Michael, another author of this blog, learned about HudMo’s beats long before me.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time that I arrived late to a party, For instance, I’m really just starting to like Kendrick Lamar. I was about six monts late in liking A$AP Rocky’s Live.Love.A$AP. And I still don’t really like any part of Odd Future. This is probably because I stubbornly listen to 80s music and other not-new things most of the time because, really, I can’t compete with those other bloggers and professional listeners. I really just need to get a job where people send me all the new music, especially with Google Reader scheduled to be shut down in July.

Nevertheless, with the Internet that way it is, there’s at least as much (likely more) old music available as new tracks, and it’s not hard to find. Ask me how hard it is to find an obscure alternate version of a song by The Cure. My answer: not hard. Was it hard to find “FUSE” on the Internet? No. Therefore, am I not smart to wait 3-5 years after its release before getting into ‘new’ music? It’s just so much easier. I get to do some digging as opposed to just refreshing my Google Reader until something interesting pops up.

You can expect me to write about quasi-obscure songs by Spoon or Creedence Clearwater Revival because, for me, it’s way easier than trying to say something novel about really new music. Yes, I’ll try to jump on a new track occasionally, but I’ll leave most of that to the professionals. Also, the more you dig through old tracks, the more you realize how little new music actually has an original sound. Listen to “Fuse” and then listen to “BasedWorld” by Ryan Hemsworth. Stylistically, they’re quite similar, but the former was released in 2009 while the latter popped up on the blogs in 2013. I love Ryan Hemsworth, and I want more music like this to exist, but the point is that his sound isn’t entirely original. This is great for listeners, because it means that we can get tons of new music that sounds fresh like Hemsworth just by doing some Googling. Of course, I now feel special for identifying that “BasedWorld” is a lot like “FUSE” from 2009, but there’s probably someone out there who said that “FUSE” was a lot like _____ released four years earlier. Cheers to that person. Send me the link.

But yeah, I heard the new Daft Punk single within two hours of its release. We out here.


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