Tuxedo (Mayer Hawthorne x Jake One??) – Tuxedo Funk EP


In the month of March, a Caucasian crooner dropped an extremely soulful and sensual EP, paying homage to funk of the past and enlisting the help of a producer with a large hip-hop influence. By this point, your exhaustion with the 20/20 Experience has probably already set in, and your eyes are beginning to role into the back of your head, but keep your eyes right where they are ladies and men! Cause I am not talking about the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Boss, I am referring to the boogie-down funk stylings of Tuxedo.

Tuxedo, and the Tuxedo Funk EP, is a collaboration laced in mystery as the duo have not revealed their true identity to the world yet, but is still more than worth checking out. Rumor has it that the vocalist behind the jams is Mayer Hawthrone, and that the funky beats belong to hip-hop producer extraordinaire Jake One (dude who has worked with big name acts such as Kendrick Lamar, 50 Cent, G-Unit, and Chance The Rapper). The collaboration also features a twitter account, @tuxedo, but good luck using it to decipher any information other than the EP’s arrival. Regardless of the true identity of the duo, this funky disco goodness is hand dipped in an orangey twilight sheen that has arrived just in time for summer time activities. The production and heavy use of funky synths works brilliantly when combined with the vocal stylings of the assumed to be Hawthorne. The EP sits at just three songs long so it will finish right around the same time you’re either being rejected by a girl or realizing it’s way too hot to be outside for that long (thank you global warming).

However you choose to listen to the EP, I just recommend that you do, because at the very minimum it will improve your day, get your head bobbing and maybe your foot tapping, and in parts of the world where summer has not arrived in full effect, will take you to a mental paradise where cool people dance to disco and girls want to kiss you. Download and stream the EP below.


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