Orrin – Sean Mulligan


Two Hundred and Ten is proud to host a tape from an up and comer hailing from New York, Orrin. His tape has solid production and is effortlessly clean while simultaneously gritty and low-fi. The production matches his laid back flow. Orrin has a promising future, make sure to stay tuned and hit the download link below.

In Orrin’s own words:
“I began making music at the age of 15 via Garage Band. I made my first compilation of music at the age of 15 which was called A Mouthful of Midichlorians. The tape was never released and has been kept on my computer hard drive since its creation.
 I’ve grown up around music and always envied artist for their ability to create such fascinating pieces for the ear. One day, I was marveling at Earl Sweatshirt’s lyrics to a friend when he told me that while Earl is good, I could do the same thing if I took the time to practice and create music.  That person’s name is Sean Mulligan and that is where the name for my first release comes from. This person gave me the spark to move forward with music. I am now 18 and plan to graduate high school this coming June. I am currently enrolled in the fall semester at New York University where I hope to somehow continue making music.”

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