Ryan Hemsworth x A$AP Mob (Boiler Room 70 Min. Mix)

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=AP5du7i5grQ]

Somewhere during the internet, an experimental, electronic, nerdy, white producer from Halifax named Ryan Hemsworth and Harlem’s A$AP Mob, met, fell in love, and decided to do a B2B mix for the Boiler Room in a swanky New York Hotel. The Mob + Hemsworth stay cozy throughout their dj battle, decked out in bathrobes and drinking champagne, their clothing a perfect contrast for the hard hitting fusion of trap and gangster rap that they so brilliantly present. Things like this are what make us thankful for the Boiler Room and the current state of rap and their willingness to experiment into different realms. What also makes this so great is that this is not even the first example of rap/hip-hop and experimental electronica fumbling into each other. Remember when Just Blaze and Baauer sampled Jay-Z? Jeremiah and Shlohmo? Hudmo and Kanye? Clams Casino did a track with Mac Miller for pete’s sake! We are living in a wonderful world right now and this mix is just another reminder of that. Stream/download the mix below, and check out the Boiler Room madness in all its glory above.


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