New Bondax… and Disclosure

DSC_5741Comparing Bondax to Disclosure is like comparing two similar kinds of apple (cultivars, to be specific). Yes, there’s a difference between Fuji and Braeburn apples, but it’s fairly marginal—for the most part, an apple is an apple granted it’s fresh. So, is there really a difference between Bondax and Disclosure when both artists’ music is very well-suited to be played at your local Urban Outfitters? In this case, freshness equates to >100,000 plays on SoundCloud or some other arbitrary metric of Internet newness.

The art gallery electronic music coming out of the UK generally makes me happy since it lets me listen to that Depeche Mode sound without falling into a dark place for 3-5 minutes. Nevertheless, the lack of emotion in this music is almost alarming; there’s no warmth whatsoever, and it fails to reach that Yeezus level of coldness and abrasiveness. We get these quasi-love songs that fail to communicate any strong emotions. In Disclosure’s “Latch”, we hear the lyrics “I feel we’re close enough // I wanna lock in your love”. My response to Disclosure, in this case, is no, you’re not close enough. Bodax knows that “Gold is not enough” and seems to understand that all this shimmering electronica bullshit doesn’t make a song good on its own. These songs need some kind of progression, either emotional or instrumental/rhythmic.

Bondax gets this a bit more, and that’s why I’d argue that their music is marginally better than Disclosure’s. Bodax’s beats are actually pretty sexy, and they seem to be making progress with their new song “Giving It All”, which compares favorably to “When a Fire Starts to Burn” and other recent Disclosure songs. Our Bondax sample size is fairly small—their only ‘real’ tracks are “Gold”, “Giving It All”, and their remix of “You Know You Like It” by AlunaGeorge, which is much better than Disclosure’s collaboration with AlunaGeorge (at least before the HudMo remix). “Giving It All” closes with an actually interesting lyric: “paper hearts are meant to unfold” (I think…). Its meaning escapes me, but, like Bondax, it’s intriguing.

I still like Disclosure a lot, and I love that they’re getting big with this chic electronic sound. I saw them play a couple of times at SXSW 2013, and they really do kill it live, choosing to play a bunch of weird electronic instruments onstage and otherwise keeping things interesting (I actually lent them my iPhone charger, nbd). I just want a bit more emotion. Latch has some emotional moments, but they go cold after just a few listens. This might happen with the new Bondax track too. I like this genre just as I like apples, and I’ll keep consuming lots of both of them. In the end, I’m probably just pushing the Depeche Mode comparison, which is that amazing honeycrisp apple cultivar.


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