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Chuck Inglish has been one of the best producers in rap music since I remember stumbling upon The Cool Kids back in the Myspace days. His boom-bap retro aesthetic has produced some of my favorite tracks of all time (Pennies, 88’s, What Up Man) but he also has dabbled in some more funky, 80’s synth, boogie down channeling music as well. He recently released a tape for free, Droptops, that was apparently inspired by “a night spent in a droptop Bonneville while in Austin, TX during SXSW” and “the summer vibes of LA,” so I think this will be the perfect soundtrack for whatever you’re doing this summer. As long as it’s hot, this should be played and if you’re new to the Cool Kids or Inglish, will be sit as a perfect example Chuck’s style as a producer and rapper. 

The first half of the tape sounds like the type of music we’ve all grown accustomed to over the years of Cool Kids tapes. The Back Up Remix features a really cool synth thing that sounds like the kind of noise spaceships make when they shoot at other spaceships. And then Travis Scott comes in and talks about inappropriate stuff. I am imagining he had some sort of hand in the production cause it obviously knocks but I could do without him being included in the track, as he brings a lot of angry aggressiveness that clashes dramatically with Chuck’s laid back flow. The second half of the tape brings some of the funkier, West Coast style beats that I believe Chuck is becoming more comfortable making. “Dangerous,” is as groovy of a song as I have heard in recent memory and if you’re driving with the windows down will automatically transfer you to the nearest beach, no joke. Also “TanGerine” is my favorite song in existence right now and bumps as hard as anything I have heard from Chuck. He channels his inner “Pennies,” baseline with the funkiness of the West Coast aesthetic he has been borrowing lately. The combination is crack, trust me. There isn’t a boring song on the tape, and while the mostly underground cast that the tape features may bore you, the beats will surely keep you around and grooving through its entirety.

In a recent interview with Complex magazine, Chuck described this tape as a “a soft left jab for a right hook.” He has his first studio album dropping in the form of Convertibles sometime in September, so he is giving this away for free in anticipation for what is going to drop. Although he says Convertibles is a step away from what this sounds like, the fact of the matter is, for free, this is the best mixtape I have heard all summer and is a perfect introduction to someone if they have missed out on The Cool Kids, or Inglish’s production thus far. Check out some of the highlights from Droptops below, and download the tape if you’re about it.

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Download: Chuck Inglish – Droptops Mixtape (Left-Click) 


Liked Yeezus but weren’t that into that one track where Ye compares himself to a God, talks about having conversations with Jesus, and demands someone to hurry up with his damn croissants? Yeah, we weren’t into that either but it is really hard to deny the awesome production that surrounded the track as well as the rest of the album. So what is a young man to do? I’m about the production but don’t want to hear ridiculous boasts and talk about various breakfast items. Luckily for us, legendary hip-hop producer, and MPC magician, Exile, did a badass MPC assisted flip of Ye’s “I Am A God” via YouTube yesterday and turned into a disjointed banger. Sure, each couple of minutes is a different take on the song, but each minute offers a unique way to jam to the stellar production that has already been created. My favorite parts starts around 3:20, when Exile uses the over the top screaming from the track and incorporates the synths and some drums and turns it into an actual beat and not screeching. Watch the man do work in a live video of his MPC reworking and make sure you stay till the end when a chica finally delivers Exile’s damn croissant. Also make sure you stay on the look out for Exile’s beat album entitled “Zip Disks and Floppies” August 20, 2013 if you liked what you heard. 




Doris the highly anticipated LP by Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All’s young lyricist, Earl Sweatshirt, has finally been given a release date.  After hearing about the album since December, we will finally be able to listen to new material from Sweatshirt on August 20. The official artwork (pictured above) and tracklist were tweeted by Earl yesterday. 

To help hold you over until the album drops, we’re featuring one of the most recent singles off the album below as well. The track titled, “Guild,” features once frat-rap-superstar, now chill L.A. musician who works with Flying Lotus, Mac Miller and is produced by randomblackdude, Earl’s producer sobriquet. The beat is repetitive and slow, incorporating an echoing piano pluck and rides up slowly before crashing back down and continuing on it’s slow roll. The two pitch their vocals down an octave and trade bars on topics ranging from mother’s to Gil Scott-Heron, perfectly matching the beat’s downtrodden feel. Download/steam the track below, and get ready for Doris

Earl SweatshirtGuild feat. Mac Miller (prod. by randomblackdude) 


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