Earl Sweatshirt x Mac Miller – Guild


Doris the highly anticipated LP by Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All’s young lyricist, Earl Sweatshirt, has finally been given a release date.  After hearing about the album since December, we will finally be able to listen to new material from Sweatshirt on August 20. The official artwork (pictured above) and tracklist were tweeted by Earl yesterday. 

To help hold you over until the album drops, we’re featuring one of the most recent singles off the album below as well. The track titled, “Guild,” features once frat-rap-superstar, now chill L.A. musician who works with Flying Lotus, Mac Miller and is produced by randomblackdude, Earl’s producer sobriquet. The beat is repetitive and slow, incorporating an echoing piano pluck and rides up slowly before crashing back down and continuing on it’s slow roll. The two pitch their vocals down an octave and trade bars on topics ranging from mother’s to Gil Scott-Heron, perfectly matching the beat’s downtrodden feel. Download/steam the track below, and get ready for Doris

Earl SweatshirtGuild feat. Mac Miller (prod. by randomblackdude) 

[audio https://www.dropbox.com/s/yi3k5gm65pqx28f/Guild%20Ft.%20Mac%20Miller.mp3]


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