Booty Fade


Pause your Candy Crush addiction for one minute and listen to the latest thing coming out of Dallas, Texas. For those of you who are familiar with Texas culture, and specifically Dallas culture, you will know of this DJ/Producer combination more prominently as a renowned and respected hairstyle, but for those with knowledge of the Dallas music scene, Booty Fade, is much more. The duo of DJ Sober and PICNICTYME have been staples in the Dallas indie rap scene for years. Sober has been both a DJ and organizer for Dallas rap groups and events, while Picnic was apart of a rap group called PPT, a member of Erykah Badu’s band, Cannabinoids, and both have strong ties to the highly successful Dallas rap group A.Dd+. Sober spent time Djing for the group while Picnic was behind a lot of the work on their critically acclaimed LP, When Pigs Fly.  The two know rap, and know it well, but wanted to take step out of the oppressive indie rap box for a second and make something new, birthing the rumpus shaking, sweat dripping, parent concerning, white girl interested music of Booty fade.

While the majority of party music created these days tries to maintain a tie to a specific region, Booty Fade succeeds because it borrows other regional styles such as New Orleans bounce, Baltimore club, and their very own Dallas boogie sound, and jams it all into one track. The two are able to borrow other regions styles seamlessly, and still maintain the same high energy level, while also being able to maintain the bounce of their hip-hop origins by sampling various Dallas MCs.  

Although the two have not released an actual EP yet, they are quickly gaining attention from people locally and around the country. Their music is a high energy, creative take on different styles of dance music that maintains a rap origin. It’s good for me, good for white girls who like to twerk, bad for parents who don’t want their daughters possessed by no devil music that causes their girl’s bodies to gyrate uncontrollably, but good for you, too, if you like anything fun in this world. Stream/download all of the Booty Fade tracks that have been released thus far and enjoy the Booty movement. 



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